Weight Watchers
At Work Program

It's been proven that attending meetings leads to successful weight loss.

At Work Meetings are the most convenient and effective way to deliver the Weight Watchers program to your employees.

A community of support.

Weight Watchers of Greater Mississippi, Southern Alabama and Florida Panhandle is a leading example of a commercial weight loss company that offers sustainable weight loss results. It makes the most of the worksite environment where employees can support each other, and is a comprehensive approach including diet, exercise, and behavior modification and, for those attending meetings, group support.

At Work Meetings.

A Weight Watchers Leader comes to your workplace to provide experienced guidance at weekly meetings that fit perfectly into the busy workday. Employees benefit from the proven advantage of group support for successful weight loss with co-workers who understand the workplace environment best.

Easy to administer.

This onsite offering is easy to implement, unlike similar worksite or community-based programs that might require a great deal of staff time to plan, promote, and present. You decide who pays the fee—your employee, your company, or some combination.

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