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Denise Before and After

Denise - How She Kept Herself On Track.

My name is Denise, and I’m 52 years old. I have spent my life going through thick and thin with respect to my weight – more thick than thin. When I came to Weight Watchers last year, I was in the middle of a really LONG thick spell! If you have struggled with weight, you know my story. You know me. You may even be me.

I “tried” to lose weight and got discouraged when I thought I had been “good” and the scales said otherwise. I avoided being in pictures or stayed in the back so all you could see was my face. I avoided events because I was ashamed of myself and the weight I had allowed myself to gain.

“I knew I needed to lose weight.”

There was a bright spot though. I found an affordably priced online shop that carried trendy “big mama” [my words] clothes and that helped me feel a little less “old lady.” When people complemented my clothes I would say, “Well I figure if you can’t lose it, dress it cute.” That would get a laugh, but it did not change that I was not happy with the way I looked or felt. My back and knees hurt, and I could not take a couple of flights of stairs at work without being out of breath.

I knew I needed to lose weight but did not really know how best to go about it. Sometime early January 2017, I got an email about a new Weight Watchers At Work session starting on the 25th. Now, I am no stranger to Weight Watchers At Work classes, but that had been years ago, and I had no idea what this SmartPoints thing was all about. However, I thought, “What have I got to lose?” You guessed it – WEIGHT!

“It has not been hard, but it has taken determination.”

I cannot point to one thing and say, “This is why I joined.” There are several reasons, but here are a few. I wanted to have a health screening at work and not get a referral due to my weight, cholesterol, and/or triglycerides. I wanted to be able to bend over and still breathe. It may sound silly, but I wanted to weigh less than my husband and to be able to put on his shirts and have them be too big for me. I missed that.

That first Wednesday meeting I attended with full intention to try. I knew it could work if I was diligent, so I listened, took the materials, and made that promise to myself. I kept that promise, followed the program, and it has worked. I reached goal weight on January 10, 2018 - 351 days after that first meeting with a total of 84.2 pounds lost! I can bend over and still breathe. I am several pounds lighter than my husband, and I cannot wait until our next health screening to see what my new “numbers” are.

“Nothing is off limits, but everything has a point value, even if it is zero points.”

To anyone who asks I say, “It has not been hard, but it has taken determination.” My advice is always to make room in your points for your favorite foods, even the “bad” ones if you REALLY love them because it is going to be unnecessarily hard if you feel deprived. I have Oreos every week! Drink lots of water. My best losses have been the weeks where I remembered to drink plenty of water. Finally, I tell folks to remember you can eat or drink whatever you choose. Nothing is off limits, but everything has a point value, even if it is zero points, so know the value and make informed choices. You do not have to “do without,” but you do have to “DO”. Work the program because the program works. YOU GOT THIS!