6 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain Over the 4th of July Holiday

From the beer to the burgers, an Independence Day party can quickly eat into your Points® Budget. This year, use these below tips to celebrate America’s birthday while working toward your weight-loss goal.

1. Plan ahead. Going to a 4th of July BBQ without knowing which foods you’ll encounter can lead to stress over how to best distribute your Points. Offset surprises by asking your host about the menu beforehand. Use this knowledge to budget Points for items you love. Consider bringing your own low-PersonalPoints-value dish to share too!

2. Smart swaps. To save Points, use nonfat plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in a layered dip or as a mayo substitute in potato salad. Another switch to try: Instead of tortilla chips, use sweet peppers (a ZeroPoint® non-starchy veggie) into guacamole so only the dip counts.

3. Serve individual snacks. Party-size bowls can lead to over-indulging. Whether you’re hosting or a guest, portion-control can help you keep munching in check. Crush and sprinkle chips over a salad for a satisfying crunch instead of overeating handfuls of chips.

4. Go for grated and consider condiments. If your burger isn’t complete without fromage, try grated instead of sliced or cubed cheese. A sprinkle of cheese will boost flavor and save you a few Points. Keep in mind ketchup or barbecue sauce can quickly add up Points®. Research ahead of time how many Points® are in your favorite dips, sauces, and spreads and monitor your squirts.

5. Choose fruit on the grill or in the freezer. Done with dinner? Toss fruit on the barbecue for a delicious dessert that won't deplete your Budget—or require tons of cleanup. Or place grapes, blueberries, and other bite-sized fruit in a reusable bag, and then toss it into your freezer. When the outdoor temperature starts climbing, you’ll have something cool and quick to snack on.

6. Say goodbye to leftovers. A fridge full of cupcakes can make it challenging to stay on track after your guests leave. Eliminate temptation by putting out to-go boxes or storage containers and invite guests to take what’s left. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll benefit when you step on the scale.

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