4 Ways to Sneak in More Movement on Vacation

To help you get more action from your vacation activities, here are our top tips for making moves.

Dive into water sports

The possibilities for aquatic exercise during a beach trip are nearly limitless: swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, bodysurfing, boogie-boarding, and waist-deep water walking. And don’t let the fun factor fool you—water movement is a great way to get active. It’s suitable for all ages, easy on the joints, and uses natural resistance to help strengthen muscles.

Ditch the car

Turn an ice cream excursion into an after-dinner stroll. Bike to pick up snacks and groceries. Walk to a nearby playground with your children for an afternoon of fun— play a game of tag, push them on the swings, or do pull-ups on the bars (And, no, you’re not too grown up to go down the slide.)

Play in the sand

Prefer to stay dry? Grab some buckets and shovels and work your arms building a large sandcastle or sculpture. You can also make friends with your beach-blanket neighbors and organize a friendly game of football, paddleball, or volleyball.

See the city sights on foot

Headed to the city for a weekend? Schedule a walking tour, plan a day exploring a museum, or pick a new-to-you area and wander around to find hidden gems. And whenever you can, opt for public transportation over cabs or car services—it’s not only better for your body and your bottom line, but also, it’s often a quicker way to get around.

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